Thursday, October 7, 2010

hell week... so not over

apologies to all my loyal followers and readers. i had thought that most of my work was over but i was sorely mistaken. i still have multiple projects and papers to do which have been keeping me away from being able to post new entries. on top of all the work it seems that i may have to reformat my laptop. its been almost a year since the last time i've done it and its getting a bit slow. even opening word and google chrome seem to take a lot longer than usual. (yes i am a chrome user and i love it.) hopefully i will be able to find all my install CDs otherwise i may have to torrent... fortunately i have all my legitimate CD keys written down. I really should just get a new computer but i'm going to plan to wait till christmas in hopes that i may get some more money to put towards it. well back to work. ill try to post more but if not sorry for the delay!

_even though i haven't been posting and commenting, i have been keeping up with your guys posts. nothing better to do than sit in my boring business law class and read your blogs!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

the craftiest of mines: minecraft

(first of this is not a review, just me rambling how much i like the game)

minecraft. ah yes. what a wonderful game. i first heard about it a little over a month ago. i checked the site out, saw some youtube videos (check out seananers minecraft videos: here), and figured what the heck, for twelve bucks i'll buy the game. i became instantly obsessed. unfortunately i had to put it aside for a long time but just a few days ago i got back into it. the easiest way to explain it is that you gather resources by day and survive during the night all while exploring a never ending randomly generated landscape. its not for everyone but definitely is a game that will get you hooked and not want to stop playing. the graphics are, well, horrible. but its a throw back to the old days of blocky 3d video games which makes it even cooler. check it out!

(50% while still in alpha, $12)

Friday, October 1, 2010

hell week = done

exams = done. yes! and i also just found out i don't have to pay $84/mo to park my car at my apartment anymore. yes! so i live in this apartment right by uptown (live in a college town, uptown = 1 street. ha) and the guy who ran the business up front (who's not my land lord and doesn't own my apartment in the back) had told us about two or three weeks ago that we could no longer park our four cars along the back wall of the buildings parking lot. from now on we could only park three cars there and if we wanted a spot for the fourth car we would have to rent a spot from him. outraged at how ridiculous it was i ended up parking my car on the street which has a 24hr limit. so i basically had to move my car to a different spot everyday. a pain but not worth renting a spot for that much money. so now for the good news, he got fired! ha. oh yeah. my landlord was able to work out a deal with the new guy and we get two free parking spots all year. man life is full of surprises.

a senior in junior composition...

Calvin and Hobbes
(if you didn't already know)
so yeah, im a senior in a junior class. im not stupid or anything i just changed my major my sophomore year and being in an engineering major i dont need these required b.s. classes asap. but thats besides the point.
this junior composition class... god i hate it. every time for class we need to write a one page response an a twenty to thirty page article about something thats way over my head. i hate writing. (yes, i know i have a blog. i too see the irony.) none the less, right now we have to write a 5-7 page paper about "place". its not just supposed to be about anywhere, its supposed to be a place thats related to our major and that also influences the way we write papers. ...yeah wtf? im an engineering major. i dont write papers. i write journals and reports. basically im screwed and going to fail this class while my friend is in the same exact class with another professor who is making them write only three, one page papers for the whole semester. awesome, i know. that is my rant for the day. life is unfair and it doesn't build character!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

new blog: been years...

well, looks like i got myself a blog. i remember way back in almost middle school when the livejournals and deadjournals were "in". although i had one, i never posted much on them. either i was too lazy to write in it or was so lazy that i hadnt done anything to write about that day, week, or month. anyhew... so yes, i got a new blog. but what for? oh i dont know. this and that. this isnt going to be about anything specific. just a blog for me to ramble on whatever i see fit. there will be no daily uploads, no questions of the week, or any of that sort. i'll post what i want when i want. so happy blogging to me