Tuesday, September 28, 2010

new blog: been years...

well, looks like i got myself a blog. i remember way back in almost middle school when the livejournals and deadjournals were "in". although i had one, i never posted much on them. either i was too lazy to write in it or was so lazy that i hadnt done anything to write about that day, week, or month. anyhew... so yes, i got a new blog. but what for? oh i dont know. this and that. this isnt going to be about anything specific. just a blog for me to ramble on whatever i see fit. there will be no daily uploads, no questions of the week, or any of that sort. i'll post what i want when i want. so happy blogging to me


  1. Glad to be your first follower Good luck man check out my reviews :)

  2. yeah my blog is the same, it was xanga for me back in the day haha

  3. blogs are blargh mostly but fun nonetheless